A Touch of Gold: Using Gold in Interior Design

September 10, 2014

I've been seeing a lot of designs lately with a touch of gold leaving a space looking stylish, fresh and beautiful. I've always loved this look but it's something I've been seeing much more recently. I love all white spaces mixed with a little gold or antiqued brass - it really makes so much of a difference and adds interest to a room. It can be mixed with eclectic, chic, modern or any other design style you may love - it can just work. It doesn't have to be as feminine as you may think either - it can be just as gender neutral. Here are some pictures I found on pinterest that exemplify this exceptional style. 

Here the use of black, white and gold pillows adds a collection 
of patterns & textures to this living area.

I'm absolutely in love with this kitchen from top to bottom.
There's not a lot of warm tones other than the dark hardwood
so the use of brass knobs and copper tins on the counter is just 
the right touch.

These gold pendants pull the whole look of this kitchen together. Stunning.

A sophisicated yet fun dining space with touches of gold with
the rod and artwork. Gold, white & navy are an amazing combo in 
design, as you can tell.

Absolutely love the rustic counters and wall mixed with gold & metal. 
The apron sink is the cherry on top.

Pretty much loving everything about this bedroom. From the wallpaper
to the hanging pendant - it's so eclectic & unique.

An overall white space looks exceptionally put-together with 
some gold accents - don't ya think?

I know, all these pictures are making you fall in love, right? 
I'm loving these spaces and as you can see it only takes a lamp, a lighting 
fixture, pillows, knobs, or a rod in a metallic gold to create such a look - no need to 
go crazy with it. Which space do you like the most? Happy gold decorating! 


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  1. Love love love this post !!!! I love gooooollldddddddd!!! Xoxo