Low Cost, Big Impact: 10 Ways to Make a Statement on Budget

September 15, 2014

I love when a creative idea comes to life, especially on a budget. I came up with this list based on things I could actually picture myself doing that could be done at a reasonable cost. These 10 ways will make a big design impact in your home without breaking the bank - get ready to possibly use a little elbow grease. Don't worry - it will be totally worth it.

1. Do an Accent Wall

There are so many different roads to take with accent walls.
You could paint it all one bold color, choose a graphic wallpaper, 
stencil, or add wood pallets along a whole wall. The options are endless.

2. Re-purpose Furniture

Using any old door from a thrift shop or even your own home 
as a table or other type of furniture can make a big statement 
with a super creative touch.

3. Paint the Stairs

I love all the photos I have seen of stairs being the star
of the home. I especially love ombre painted stairs, wallpaper on 
stairs and words/quotes put on stairs. Any of those options
will add so much interest to your home!

4. Spray Paint a Large Item 

Dressers, nightstands, beds, frames are all items that could
benefit from a fresh coat of paint in a pop of color. This side
table is the perfect example. 

5. Make Abstract Art

You don't have to be an artist to create abstract art. Danielle
Oakey created this piece of art just by using inexpensive paint
from the craft store, poster board, and a large Ikea frame. Don't
know where to start? - Check out the tutorial on her blog.

6. Frame Wallpaper/Fabric

Have a favorite fabric or print that you love but don't know
where to put it? Frame it! Frames can be super cheap (like at Ikea)
and buying fabric and wallpaper by the yard can be inexpensive, too. 
Perfect for wall art.

7. Create Your Own Area Rug

There are many places you can find rug squares in different
colors and patterns. These ones are particularly from cb2 - I love 
how you really can create any look you want in any size that you need.

8. Make Your Own Headboard

I absolutely love the look of reclaimed wood pallets, especially as a 
stunning ceiling-high headboard. You can even create your own DIY 
headboard in fabric as well at a low cost. 

9.Use Items in Unexpected Ways

Love this look of long shutters used as sliding doors. Such 
an eclectic and original look. I'd love to have this art studio!

10. Change Your Knobs

It really is amazing how much of a difference changing
the knobs on a large piece of furniture makes. You can do this
for all of your kitchen cabinets as well including nightstands, doors, etc.

Have you seen or can think of any other creative ways to make a statement
on a budget? The options are truly endless - I'd love to know! 


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