Our First Place: Making Our Rental Our Home

September 9, 2014

My boyfriend and I moved into our own place this past August and we love it. We fell in love with the coastal style of the development and all of its amenities (not to mention super close to work). Since it's a rental we've been trying to make it feel like home piece by piece - as far as our budget and it being a rental allows. We literally moved in with just our clothes and bedroom furniture - we had to start from scratch. Now it's a little over a month later and we are pretty darn proud of how it has come along considering our budget. My boyfriend definitely gave into some of the more feminine items I loved since he set up his media center along the main wall - it's all about compromise. We chose to place the sofa in the center facing the TV because of the recommended viewing distance from the TV and sofa. It does make it feel more cozy and we love watching movies there. Since we are loving how it has come along I had a photoshoot with my fellow west elm home stylist, Katherine Schwingel. She got some great shots and now I get to share them with you :)

Our apartment features:

West Elm
Origami Coffee Table / Quinn Sofa in Frost Gray / 
Balcony Bistro Dining Set / Antique Tiled Wall Mirror /
Parker Mid-Century Round Dining Table / Mini Abacus Lamp /
Scoop Back Chairs / Gold Leaf Gallery Frames /
Solid Silk Hand-Loomed Pillow Cover / Jacquard Leaf Silk Pillow Cover / 
Quilted Acrylic Glassware / Carla Peters Sand Glaze Vase /
Clear Acrylic Tray / Reclaimed Wood Display Shelf

Threshold Windham Console Table / Threshold Basket /
Threshold Brushed Silver Linear Shaded Floor Lamp /
Black Gallery Wall Frames

Other accessories/decor from Ikea, Homegoods, World Market + more.


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  1. I am absolutely in love with your apt. So beautiful and homey. You did a fantastic job :)))) love you !!