West Elm Art Walk Event Pics

December 12, 2014

Last night was west elm south coast plaza's first local vendor faire/art walk this week where I was able to display and sell some of my artwork all for a great cause, St. Jude's! I really am loving doing these local events so I hope to be in more not only at west elm but at other events in the community. I also do many custom pieces as well which are super fun to do. I love when an idea comes to life. Here are some of the pics from last night! 


December 11th Local Vendor Faire/Art Walk 6-8pm

December 9, 2014

Get excited! My art along with 2 other local artists in the SoCal area will be at West Elm South Coast Plaza THIS Thursday for their vendor faire/art walk at 6pm! Come support us and help raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital if you are in the area or know someone who is. It's always great to be involved in the community you live in and support local and small businesses and makers. I hope we have a great turn out :) 


Loving Linear Rugs

December 8, 2014

I've been seeing some pretty amazing rugs and they have one thing in common -- lots and lots of lines. So I'm starting to think linear rugs are an up-and-coming trend but can be super timeless, too. Here were some of my favorite ones that I came across from some of my favorite stores. You're welcome :)

1 // abstract angles wool dhurrie // west elm

2 // assembly home chevron printed handmade rug // urban outfitters

3 // moroccan diamond shag brown rug // rugs usa

4 // ps low pile multicolor // ikea

5 // silvered prisms rug // anthropologie

6 // reverb black rug // cb2


photo credit: west elm, ikea, cb2, urban outfitters, anthropologie, rugs usa

My Largest Custom Artwork

December 2, 2014

Hi! If you don't know already I am a painter and create mostly abstract acrylic artwork. In the last couple of years here and there I would sell my paintings to friends and friends of friends who were interested in them. I then realized I should start painting even more since I love it and I've been getting such great feedback, too. I've created custom pieces for others but this last one I've been working on was my largest custom piece - 3'x4'! Here are some photos so you can see this paintings journey...

My clients first sent an inspiration pic of a painting from Z Gallerie. They loved the warm colors and had requested that there be a little more gray and have the colors spread out more so they softly faded into one another.

I then painted a 5x5in sample for my clients so they could get an idea of how I will recreate the piece in my own way and so they could get a feel of the canvas I was going to use. I used a thick gallery wrapped stretched canvas.

Once I got the okay that they loved the sample and how that looked I purchased the canvas and started painting! There were SO many layers added and technique to create the look of this painting. This is only layer 2...

I then added texture and deeper hues of brown, gray and mustard...and more layers of course.

I sent this to my client and she loved how it was looking so then I added the final touches which was softening up the colors so they faded into one another and then sealed it with a gloss sealer to prevent stains, yellowing and fading. Here is the final result! 

This painting is now in its forever home. Showing my clients the final result was so rewarding! They loved it and I can't thank them enough for having me create this piece for their home. If you would like a custom piece of art comment below or send me an email at lmaiorana1014@gmail.com :)

I also started my Etsy shop! Check out my artwork for sale HERE and if you're in the SoCal area on December 11th my art will be at west elm south coast plaza's St. Jude's Children's Research Hospitals Silent Auction Event! It is $10 to get in (proceeds go to St. Jude's) and apps and refreshments will be served. I will have a table set up with a bunch of artwork for sale!


My Grateful Candle

November 23, 2014

My store hosts events and trunk shows to help support local artists, makers and entrepreneurs -- especially during the holidays when we help to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital! This past Saturday we had Evolyn from In My Solitude which is a Los Angeles based boutique with handmade spa products. They have everything -- - room fragrance, pillows, eye shades, sugar scrubs, body creams and not to mention candles. Since I'm a sucker for an amazing scented candle, I went with their small "grateful" candle (which was only $13!). It now has a home on my coffee table but it smells soooo good so I plan on getting more to put in my bathroom. They are made of soy wax which helps keep the air cleaner and candle burn longer. If you are in search of a thoughtful holiday gift going local and handmade is the way to go. Check out In My Solitude and find your perfect gift or you can even treat yourself :) 


10 Holiday Gift Ideas for 2014

November 20, 2014

Happy Thursday! Such a beautiful day here in SoCal but feeling sorry for all my fellow New Yorkers with the cold weather and the snow -- not here! While I was on a few websites I came across quite a few items that would be great gift ideas (that I would love myself). So if you're 25 like me or know someone who is or someone who would love any of these items than no need to look any further for their gift this holiday. These are definitely a win if you have no idea what to get -- they will surely love any one of these. There are SO many to choose from so it was a tough call picking 10 but here they are:

1. An item that's charming to look at.
These candle holders aren't only holding candles, they are 
their own mini sculpture and will spruce up any space -- office
desk, bathroom, display shelf, bedroom, the list is endless!

2-piece dahlia candle holders / cb2 / $19.95

2. A seasonal scented candle.
These animal candles are so adorable -- you can pick
your friend's favorite animal and inside is a candle with
a seasonal pine scent. I'll take the owl, please!

animal doll candles / west elm / $16 - $22

3. A gift that one can wear.
Stone jewelry is quite trendy right now but I don't
see it going out of style any time soon. I'm loving the 
jade/hemlock color of this stone. I can definitely
picture it in my wardrobe :) 

crystal pendant necklace / urban outfitters / $24

4. Everyone loves decorative and functional storage.
And especially this one. It comes in two sizes and you
don't only have to use this for jewelry. This can be a catch all, 
recipe box, note holder -- pretty much a lot of things. 

faux shagreen box - natural / west elm / $49 - $79

5. A functional kitchen item.
 This utensil holder is part of west elm's collaboration
with FEED. By purchasing any of their items you give back
by providing meals to people in need -- this one specifically 
will provide 42 meals! Their utensils, mason jars, dinnerware, 
and more are also all great gift ideas.

FEED utensil caddy / west elm / $89

6. A place to take notes.
This notebook by Sugar Paper LA is the perfect little
notebook for someone like me (eh em) who likes to stay
organized and likes to have a place to write things down. I 
keep in a little planner/notebook in my bag always because 
1) I design/draw and 2) I'm a list maker. It's a win.

gold star notebook / sugarpaperla / $18

7. A functional item that's pretty to look at.
I LOVE anthropologie's coasters. I currently have their white broken 
glass ones and I'm obsessed. You just can't go wrong -- they look pretty 
on your table while keeping glass marks off of it.

celestial coaster set / anthropologie / $32 set of 4

8. Something to remind them of home.
Have friends or family living out of state? Being from NY I know I would 
love this -- Hemlock and Heather is the maker based in Texas and
 they have other states or you can customize a piece. They have their own
 site or you can buy from west elm. Definitely worth checking out and
you may even want one for yourself. I love original, handmade pieces.

new york wood wall hanging / hemlock and heather for west elm / $130

9. A place to hold pictures.
Yes, that would be a frame. This one I just love the
patterns and colors. Give this to someone as is or place a 
memorable photo inside to make it more personal.

artfully cubed frame / lulu and georgia / $56

10. Something to snuggle up in.
Loving the new Nate Berkus line at Target -- as always-- and who doesn't
love a soft AND stylish throw? Check out this one that is stylish and affordable.

Woven Throw - Dark Gray  / nate berkus for target  / $29.99

There it is - 10 items, 10 perfect gifts. Of course some of these you won't
be giving to a guy friend or family member of yours but I hope this was still able
to give you ideas on what to get any one! I know I would love to get any of these items
this holiday. Feel free to check out each website for tons more great gift ideas.


My Abstract Art

November 17, 2014

Hi there! For those who do not know, I love to paint! My style is abstract, coastal and colorful although I have done many custom pieces as well. For the first time ever, I displayed my art at a local vendor event at west elm where I work. My art was for sale and I donated $10 from each painting towards St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital as part of their Thanks and Giving campaign. Other local artists and vendors were there as well that are so talented so it was an honor to have my art alongside theirs. I was also working during the event so I couldn't stay at my table to talk to too many people about my art but I did sell a painting and get my name and art out there! There were a few handfuls of inquiries about doing custom pieces as well which I love doing and am currently working on a few right now. I wanted to share some of my art with you that is still for sale unless stated otherwise but I can customize any piece you want! Let me know if you're interested! You can reach out to me via email, lmaiorana1014@gmail.com. I'm starting a new instagram for my art and interior design work separate from my personal account so i'll keep you posted on that, too! I hope you like my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them :)

{abstract waterfall SOLD / will recreate to order - price varies with size, email to inquire}

{desert / 12x16in staple back canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / $45}

{waves / 9x11in staple back canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / }

{ocean / SOLD / will recreate to order - price varies with size, email to inquire}

{energy / 12x12in staple back canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / $50}

{carribean / 18x24in gallery wrapped canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / $85}

 {feather / 10x10in staple back canvas / SOLD / will recreate to order - price varies with size, email to inquire}

{ikat / 12x16in staple back canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / $45}

 {lovebirds / 12x16in staple back canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / $45}

{pink clouds / 10x10in staple back canvas / acrylic paint / gloss sealer / $35}

{lips / SOLD / will recreate to order - price varies with size, email to inquire}

{sugar skull / SOLD /will recreate to order - price varies with size, email to inquire}

{nyc skyline / SOLD / will recreate to order - price varies with size, email to inquire}

{abstract flowers / SOLD / will recreate to order - price varies, email to inquire}

At the west elm south coast plaza event this Saturday! 

I will recreate any piece if you would like a different size, colors, anything. Just shoot me an email so we can go over what you want and then I will be able to give a price! Thanks everyone who has supported me thus far - I love to paint but never thought people would love it so much to buy. I will also be at another west elm orange county event soon so stay tuned :) 


Give Thanks: DIY Fall Garland

November 6, 2014

Now that we are in November I've been thinking of ways to decorate our apartment for Thanksgiving -- our first Thanksgiving in our new apartment! There's not much space to work with and we don't have a mantle to decorate but we do have a cute little spot to hang a garland. I had went to Michaels to purchase items for a fall centerpiece I am making (post to come) and walked out with some twine, fake eucalyptus, hydrangea and leaves. I had extra twine and leaves from that project so I cut the leaves off the stem. All the items I ended up needing were:

>> twine
>> hot glue gun and glue sticks
>> fake leaves 
>> scissors
>> white craft paint
>> paint brush
>> palette or a paper plate
>> letter stencils (optional)

Lucky for me I already had the rest of the materials I needed which if you're a painter and DIYer like me than you most likely have them, too. Let's get started.

1. Cut out 10 leaves that would end up spelling "Give Thanks" -- you can spell out whatever phrase you like -- "Happy Thanksgiving", "Be Thankful", "Family", the list goes on. 

2. You can unwind the garland to however long you need, you will know how long after the leaves are layed out -- add at least 5 extra inches for each side of the garland which will be helpful when attaching this wherever you plan to put it.

3. Add the paint to your paper plate and you can use stencils to paint each letter on each leaf or you can hand paint them like I did. 

4. After all the leaves are painted and dry lay them out to spell your phrase and start hotgluing the leaves to the twine. I used two pieces of the same length twine so the little tip of the stem gets hotglued between them. You may have to hold it in place until it is completely dry from one leaf to the next. I had an extra set of hands help me do this step. We then hung it under a shelf by taping it to the bottom with clear package tape we had.

DONE. Here's the finish product -- we placed our garland under our display shelf right in our living room. I'm planning on making a Christmas garland when December comes along. This is super easy to make and not to mention inexpensive. The total for this project cost me less than $5! 

Happy garland making!