Serena & Lily Fine Art

November 1, 2015

Whoa, it's been some time since I've posted last and not once did I post in October. So much has happened -- birthdays (including mine), a trip to Boston for the first time, the launch of RH Modern in the gallery I work in, and the list goes on. It's also been 3 full months since my boyfriend and I moved into our new place and it still isn't complete. I have so many ideas but there really is no rush. I've been browsing through websites for art to complete our kitchen space and living room and came across Serena & Lily (I actually didn't go on their website for art at all but did fall in love with their art collection, naturally). I absolutely love finding and exploring new artists, especially since I'm a painter myself. I thought I'd share some of my top picks with all of you. There's way more so it's definitely worth checking out the website. Enjoy :) 

"Faceted Gem #1" by Natasha Marie

"Underwater Plantlife #7" by Jennifer Ament

"Indigo #1" by Jenny Prinn
"Flight" by Stephanie Sherman
"Stormy Sea #2" by Jerry Schwabe