Anthropologie Sale Favorites

May 24, 2017

Hi guys! Things have been pretty busy with family birthdays and other events going on and we are still waiting on our Anthropologie media console but I am so excited to get it soon! I'm still looking for other pieces to complete our space, and I may be browsing a few places this MDW for the promotions going on. In the meantime, here are some of my favorites that are on sale right now.. of course from their home department.. from napkins to bedding to furniture. By the way, that media console is a version of the one we got but shorter and a black pattern. The all natural one is sold out but I still am loving the contrast of this one. I just love how unique they are and that they are solid wood. Also, PLEASE let me know if there are any topics that you would like to see me post about and I will plan to do so!

PS: If you're a member at Anthro, they just launched an Anthroperks for members that include free shipping on all orders $150+. I don't know if that is a huge perk but shopping there does add up so maybe it makes sense. Enjoy :) 

chair / terai folding chair / $149.95
media / sura media console / $1099.95
napkins / madras napkin set / $19.95
bowl / fox & hare serving bowl / $39.95
side table / thorntree side table / $249.95
sham / peonia shams / $69.95
pillow / guideline pillow / $29.95
bath mat / maya bath mat / $29.95
rug / marmotinto rug 8x10' / $699.95


Living Room Update

May 6, 2017

Hey all! Hope you're enjoying your weekend wherever you may be :) Today I enjoyed doing next to nothing other than much needed errands, and may or may not have included Artichoke Basille's Pizza (if you don't know this place you need to check it artichoke pizza ever!!). Other than that, I have been continuously on the hunt for a new media console. My problem is I sort of browse the same sites over again thinking something will change, or maybe a good sale will come up and I'll get a piece that is okay but totally worth the price....but nothing has stuck out to me...until today! Let's face it, Anthropologie's furniture isn't necessarily wallet friendly as it is window-shop friendly, but I came across a media console that I had seen before..loved the look but not willing to spend the money (it is solid wood and a really unique piece though). Today I was on their site and saw that the media was on sale (still not cheap but doable), but of course NOT IN THE RIGHT FINISH. Thank you Anthro for the "you may also be interested in..." tab because lucky for me it also came in a buffet version that actually worked even better, size wise, AND in the right finish. It also had the sliding door detail with shelving and cable hole which we definitely need. Long story, well, still long...I pulled the plug! My boyfriend was really not that fond over the detail on the piece (he is much more minimal/modern) but I just had to at least try it. I looked at the reviews and a few mentioned that the detailing is not as contrast in person, so I am actually thinking that may be better for us because my boyfriend didn't love that pattern anyway. I'm sure it will still be beautiful. Not sure if I like this media with the planter we already got, but I will move the planter to another side of the room so it doesn't clash next to it like I think it will. Here's a round up of the old and new items that have made and are making its way into our apartment. To the left of the media I plan to put the lucite console with two stools underneath and some art. Finally, it's starting to come together :) 

media console / sura buffet / anthropologie
rug / prisha rug 8x10 / lulu + georgia
chair / cantor lounge chair / rh teen
planter / mid-century turned wood planter / west elm
console / peek-a-boo console / cb2
stools / woven accent stool / target
art /  minted for west elm - escape route II / west elm
coffee table / box frame marble coffee table / west elm 

ps -- I may or may not paint a canvas for above the console but I chose this print by Max Borelli of a close up Italian spiral staircase. I am part Italian and love design so I thought this would be a nice personal touch. All the art in our living room is also black and white so I want to stick with that theme. Stay tuned to see how this media works out in our space!