Hi, I'm Lauren! I live in Queens, NY with my fiance (you may see many posts of us making our apartment a home). My story is a little different than others who went to design school and became an interior designer. I was pursuing a masters degree in public health about 5 years ago but I've always had a passion for art and interiors since I can remember. I especially fell in love with the field of interior design after working with a NYC based design firm. Working there, I was really able to get my feet wet doing hands on work and from that point on I knew becoming an interior designer was a tangible dream. I am currently a designer at RH where I get to work on various design projects that I genuinely enjoy. I also absolutely love to paint since I grew up around my mom and sister who were artists. After all of the great feedback I have received on my artwork over the years, I decided to start creating commissioned pieces and open an Etsy store (check out the link on my home page). Besides all that I love the beach + boating, redecorating our apartment, star wars, iced matcha vanilla lattes and traveling - and a lot in between! I hope to inspire others to go for their dreams even if they have to take a longer path to get there. Thanks for stopping by :)