DIY Coastal Painting

October 24, 2014

I've been in a very DIY mood lately (if you haven't checked out my last post on creating a festive fall wreath click here) and this time I'm creating an acrylic coastal painting. I came across a picture on pinterest of a bedroom with a painting that was screaming for me to recreate it so naturally that's what I had to do. The colors were just stunning

What you'll need:

  1. Any size canvas you want (regular or gallery wrapped)
  2. Smooth paint brushes with a thick tip so the bristles won't come off in the paint
  3. A spray bottle with water in it (refill an empty cleaner bottle if you need one)
  4. Old towel
  5. Acrylic and watercolor paint (I use ones I get from Michaels -- artists loft and craftsmart brands -- and the colors I used were prussian blue, peacock blue, sand, turquoise, white and viridian) along with a sealer of some sort or a satin varnish
  6. Paper plate 
  7. Cup of water

Luckily for me I had an 18x24" gallery wrapped canvas in my car and all the paint colors and brushes in my art bin. The only downfall is not having my easel set up so I used an old towel under the canvas and leaned the canvas against the wall on top of some paper towel taped to the wall -- so this is what you can do if you don't have an easel set up either. Plus, I did a water dripping technique so you need something under the canvas to not make a mess either way. Or if you have a space outside in the grass to paint then that works, too!

First, flip the canvas vertical so the water drips that way. Squeeze the paint onto a paper plate if you don't have a palette. Then, spray the canvas with water to start the dripping technique. Then start with any color you like -- I started with the prussian blue to the left -- the paint will start dripping and continue to spray with water to create desired look. Continue this process for each color and don't be afraid to blend the colors a little so they fade into each other --just make sure you're either using different paint brushes or dipping them in water so it keeps them from mixing too much. Do one layer and then let it dry. The key is layers, layers and more layers of paint when doing this technique. After it's dry flip the canvas -- so it's still vertical but the other way. Continue by spraying water again and adding paint. Mix white in some spots in the sand and turquoise so you get variations in color. Continue to spray with water to create desired look. Once dried your painting should look something like this (before sealer which is why it may look a little dull)...

Once sealed and put in some very appealing natural light your painting should look more like this...

I really love the way this came out not to mention this one is for sale -- but if you're up for it try to DIY and I'd love to see it once it's done! Happy painting :)


DIY Festive Fall Wreath

October 18, 2014

I was having an urge to DIY a festive, fall-inspired wreath for my front door so I stopped by Michaels to pick up a few things I needed. Since I already had a glue gun, all I needed were the wreath itself and fake flowers. So for a total of about $5 is all it cost for this project -- total win. (Don't forget Michaels usually has a 40% off one item coupon so that helps). Here's how I made it...

First, I had to cut the stems off of the fake flowers. I chose an assortment of cream colored flowers with pine cones and berries. I was going to purchase ribbon with an orange and cream, glitter herringbone pattern but decided on taking advantage of the rustic look of the natural twigs. Then I just hot glued the flowers where I wanted them. The result...

A classy yet festive, fall wreath! Not too big or small & looks great on a bold colored door. This can last all season and into the holidays. What's not to love about this look? 

Happy wreathing!


Top 12 Gift Ideas for Your Host

October 10, 2014

Are you going to a family or friend get together this holiday season? I know I am and I'm not the only one. Since Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner, I've come up with my top 12 gift ideas for those who are hosting your get togethers (I couldn't stop at 10). You don't have to go crazy but if you want to give something more tangible than a bottle of wine or your highly talked-about casserole (although those can be great, too) then one of these gifts are a must!

Not gonna lie - this candle smells amazing and if you
don't have time to bake an angel food cake this is the next
best thing - other scents are available.
Boulangerie Jar, Tall // $26 // Anthropologie

This throw is so soft you may end up walking out of 
Pier 1 with two of them.
Fuzzy Throw - Sand // $44.95 // Pier 1

Who wouldn't love these gold-rimmed animal plates?
Gilded Dapper Animal Dinnerware Set // $12 // west elm

This carved box is a catch-all for almost anything - jewelry, 
recipes, keys, etc and is quite a steal at less than $20.
Hexagon Carved Soapstone Box // $14.99 // World Market

Just as functional as decorative, these measuring cups are cute 
as a button. I can't picture your host not loving them.
Matryoshka Measuring Cup - Set of 6 // $12 // Urban Outfitters

Everyone can use coasters and these make the perfect gift
especially because they're herringbone pattered mosaic tile.
Midas Coaster - Set of 4 // $19.95 // Z Gallerie

A cute gift for the couple hosting a meal or party. I think any 
one mug is a great gift for any occasion.
Mr. & Mrs. Muse Reversible Mug // $24 // Jonathan Adler

This bowl can serve more than one purpose - not only great for 
future events your host has but is some great eye candy as well
with its gold leaf design.
Nate Berkus Laurel Leaf Bowl // $29.99 // Target

I'm in love with this cheese board - of course, it's a map
of NYC. Could look great hung on a kitchen wall as decor when
it's not being used.
NYC Cheese Board & Spreader // $38 // CWonder

Not just your typical frame. This one serves as 
a decorative geometric object as well. 
Prisma 4"x6" Frame // $14.95 // CB2

Copper is stylish and classy. This tray can store items
anywhere and be a serving tray when company is over. 
Vanna Round Tray, Copper // $44 // Lulu & Georgia

Last but not least, I had to include my favorite smelling
candle. Each one of these candles are handmade from recycled
wine bottles to create a signature wine bottle candle. There are so 
many great scents but my favorite is the Rose which is pictured here.
You can find them at your local west elm or visit their very own site.
Rewined Candles // $28 // west elmrewind candles

You really can't go wrong with any of these items to give as a special gift to your host 
or hostess. All of these sites have many other gifts as well - it was super hard picking just one from each site! Which one is your favorite? 


Moments I Love In My Home

October 7, 2014

I brought a few items from New York back to my apartment in Cali and realized I had to shuffle some things around to make it work in my apartment. What's pretty awesome though is that most of the things I do have are able to work in different rooms or areas. I'm not talking big pieces of furniture either - just smaller items like candles, frames, and succulents. I really love having versatile decor because then if and when I move I know it will have a place. Here are some pics I took around my apartment of all these items in their new homes. Hope you like them as much as I do :) 

Air plant and framed art on a reclaimed wood display shelf.
{shelf - west elm, white frame - ikea}

Framed art I purchased in Soho and Union Square in NYC 
when I used to work there before I moved.
{gold leaf frames - west elm, black frames - target}

I love being able to move my pillows around the sofa
and still having them work with everything else.
{pillows and sofa - west elm}

This print is one my sister had made in art school and I just
had to bring it back with me since she was giving it away. I love it.
{lamp - west elm, candle - target}

An angled yet full view of the top of my entryway console. The 
clear, acrylic tray is perfect for catching my keys and sunglasses 
when I walk in. The framed print inside is a post card I got from NYC.
{tray, mirror & accessories - west elm}

These are just some moments in my apartment that I just love. I don't see this decor moving any time soon.


Fall In Love With Your Table Setting

October 6, 2014

Happy October everyone! I haven't posted in so long mainly because I've been home in New York visiting family. We even had our own early Thanksgiving dinner because some of us live so far away and it will be a while until we are all together again. It made me think of how I am going to set up my own table for Thanksgiving. There are so many options when it comes to decorating your dining table for the fall - where do you even start? Centerpieces, dinnerware, &  tablecloths, oh my! Here's some inspiration to help you decide this autumn season just in time for Thanksgiving!

I love how simple yet festive this setting is. I especially love
the clean, fresh look of the white dinnerware and napkins but you
could also use other colors - rich reds, blues or greens. Mini pumpkins for 
a centerpiece just works and tying up the napkin with hemp string 
and adding wheat completes this fall look.

This table has a rustic look with the stump candle holders
and wood chargers (can be a great DIY, too!). Mini pumpkins
 in different sizes and rich colors is the cherry on top
for this fall inspired table setting.

This setting has a touch of fall with the feather and lavender 
tied in hemp with the word "gather". This is something that
you can do to instantly create a fall table setting without
having to buy all new dinnerware and centerpieces. 

These settings and centerpieces look gorgeous on this rustic
table but would look stunning on a more formal table
as well. No pumpkins are needed to make you think of fall - 
the wheat in a vase, hemp table runner, fresh flowers and elegant
candles definitely has your mind thinking of fall family gatherings.

I love the vibrant, autumn-colored flowers against the
teal table runner (and the fact that it's ikat print). This table 
setting can be used year round - just switch out the 
flowers to go with any holiday or special occasion.

I really love all of these photos - they are all such beautiful settings.
It definitely makes me excited to decorate my table for Thanksgiving coming up
where it will be my boyfriends and I's first Thanksgiving dinner together in our own
home! I wish you all happy fall table setting :)