Moments I Love In My Home

October 7, 2014

I brought a few items from New York back to my apartment in Cali and realized I had to shuffle some things around to make it work in my apartment. What's pretty awesome though is that most of the things I do have are able to work in different rooms or areas. I'm not talking big pieces of furniture either - just smaller items like candles, frames, and succulents. I really love having versatile decor because then if and when I move I know it will have a place. Here are some pics I took around my apartment of all these items in their new homes. Hope you like them as much as I do :) 

Air plant and framed art on a reclaimed wood display shelf.
{shelf - west elm, white frame - ikea}

Framed art I purchased in Soho and Union Square in NYC 
when I used to work there before I moved.
{gold leaf frames - west elm, black frames - target}

I love being able to move my pillows around the sofa
and still having them work with everything else.
{pillows and sofa - west elm}

This print is one my sister had made in art school and I just
had to bring it back with me since she was giving it away. I love it.
{lamp - west elm, candle - target}

An angled yet full view of the top of my entryway console. The 
clear, acrylic tray is perfect for catching my keys and sunglasses 
when I walk in. The framed print inside is a post card I got from NYC.
{tray, mirror & accessories - west elm}

These are just some moments in my apartment that I just love. I don't see this decor moving any time soon.


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