My Largest Custom Artwork

December 2, 2014

Hi! If you don't know already I am a painter and create mostly abstract acrylic artwork. In the last couple of years here and there I would sell my paintings to friends and friends of friends who were interested in them. I then realized I should start painting even more since I love it and I've been getting such great feedback, too. I've created custom pieces for others but this last one I've been working on was my largest custom piece - 3'x4'! Here are some photos so you can see this paintings journey...

My clients first sent an inspiration pic of a painting from Z Gallerie. They loved the warm colors and had requested that there be a little more gray and have the colors spread out more so they softly faded into one another.

I then painted a 5x5in sample for my clients so they could get an idea of how I will recreate the piece in my own way and so they could get a feel of the canvas I was going to use. I used a thick gallery wrapped stretched canvas.

Once I got the okay that they loved the sample and how that looked I purchased the canvas and started painting! There were SO many layers added and technique to create the look of this painting. This is only layer 2...

I then added texture and deeper hues of brown, gray and mustard...and more layers of course.

I sent this to my client and she loved how it was looking so then I added the final touches which was softening up the colors so they faded into one another and then sealed it with a gloss sealer to prevent stains, yellowing and fading. Here is the final result! 

This painting is now in its forever home. Showing my clients the final result was so rewarding! They loved it and I can't thank them enough for having me create this piece for their home. If you would like a custom piece of art comment below or send me an email at :)

I also started my Etsy shop! Check out my artwork for sale HERE and if you're in the SoCal area on December 11th my art will be at west elm south coast plaza's St. Jude's Children's Research Hospitals Silent Auction Event! It is $10 to get in (proceeds go to St. Jude's) and apps and refreshments will be served. I will have a table set up with a bunch of artwork for sale!



  1. Great job and lovely piece, Lauren. It's always fun to see the progression of a layered painting. Never let go of your dream! XO