Mirror Mirror on the Wall

February 13, 2013

Mirrors in a space have a lot to offer - a more spacious looking room, reflection of light, decoration, and can act as a window element. I have seen some great uses of mirrors in designs featured on the HGTV website and also with the design firm I intern for, DLT Interiors. I wanted to share the different ways mirrors can be used because they are the go-to decor item these days.

Here, Andreea Avram Rusu has created a fabulous window look with the use of a mirror that has great detail. You can also see how much light is being reflected from the opposite window.

Here, Debbie Travin has used 4 mirrors to create a focal point over the bed. It reflects the light and the soothing colors in the space.

These mirrors Debbie Travin has also used as a focal point in an elegant and fun living space. 

Jennifer Duneier is also a fan of using more than one mirror to create a beautiful statement piece. 

Oversized floor mirrors, like this one Celia Berliner has used, adds the illusion of a larger space when placed in a smaller room. 

I LOVE frame collages but this mirror collage looks especially beautiful and rustic. This design was inspired by a uniform piece by Anthropologie that you see on the right. SZInteriors has recreated this look that you see on the left by using a collection of antique mirrors and placing them together. Brilliant and beautiful!

As you can see mirrors can be used in different types of rooms and in different ways. You also don't have to break the bank. I am a BIG fan of them and think they add that extra needed something when designing a space. Do you have mirrors in your space? Till next time :)


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