Trendy Color Duo: Navy & Coral

February 23, 2013

My bedroom walls are coral and the accent color is gray. Although that pairing is gorgeous, I have noticed how amazingly beautiful and trendy navy and coral has become. If you aren't afraid to go bold I would suggest using this color combo on your next home project! I know I will. Here I have posted some great navy and coral inspiration so you can see what I am talking about. 

This navy and coral living space is my favorite! Pairing the trendy colors with prints such as chevron and stripes make the space even more aesthetically appealing. I also love how they used more neutral colors for the other pieces of furniture and rug. It really draws your eye to fabulous couch and accent pillows. Everything about this space is beautiful.

This space uses a richer coral and navy. Again, pairing these colors with neutral pieces of furniture and decor such as the white lamp, walls, coffee table and a white couch makes the coral and navy pieces make a bold statement. This space has a very "homey" feeling to it as well.

Here, they painted the walls bold coral but has a cottage chic feel to it with the white furniture and wall collage. The navy couch and white desk are the perfect pieces against the wall color. This is a showroom space but gives the feeling that this space is totally doable in your own home.

This space has more of a navy and bright coral color scheme. Here, the space is mostly navy and white with coral accents which allows the bold printed rug to really work in this space without being too bold. I could definitely picture myself being happy to come home in this space!

This is a light coral paired with navy. Gold and white decor work especially well in this home office. I love everything about this space!

I hope that I persuaded you to love this color duo as much as I do - although I don't think I need to persuade much. I love these colors with a bold print - done the right way like all of these spaces. Will you look into some navy and coral in your home? 


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