Color Splash: Living Rooms

February 27, 2013

Do you ever wonder how to add splashes of color to an overall neutral space? It's a great way to liven up any space without overdoing it. Plus, if you get tired of your splash of color - it's an easy switch. You can always change what splash of color you want when you chose pieces that are interchangeable. For example, the living room above is a classic charcoal, but when adding splashes of pink with fabulous pillows and accessories - the whole space doesn't feel so dark. And the good part is that you can easily change these pillows and accessories to any accent color - turquoise, yellow, plum, etc. Most colors do go with gray nicely -  I love it!

Now this living room above has a much lighter and open feel as you can see with all of the natural light. Much of this room are neutral colors - beige, tan, cream, and white. Fabulous yellow and mustard accent colors are used in the window treatments, pillows and decor. Once again, you don't have to paint a room yellow or an accent wall to get the bold look you are looking for. These yellow accent pieces are also easily changeable - switch the pillows and window treatment to any accent color you would like!

Above, one may question why the couch and wall color are the same, but I think it was a smart choice considering the fun, colorful elements that act as the bold statement here. The cream couch and walls paired with orange side tables and colorful accent pillows transforms this rather neutral space into a fun and exciting living room. The side table and pillows can also be easily changed to feature a different accent color at any time!

This living room above is different from most. Not everyone would be willing to add such colorful window treatments to a rather neutral space. I especially love how these treatments are a fun ikat print - love this print! (If unsure what ikat is, check out this post where I tell you all about ikat). I also love that this space paired gray with mustard yellow and tans. It really works and the window treatments add that playful element to a rather sophisticated space.

Turquoise and pink/coral are my favorite! Here, more of a robins egg blue is used as the wall color which is very popular right now. The wall color choice isn't too bold and any accent color can be picked from all the different colors in the window treatment. Here, pink is used as the accent color but yellow can also be used and still work with the space and existing window treatment. Love this space!

If you haven't already, now you know that you don't have to paint walls or use large colorful pieces of furniture to make a bold statement in your living space. You can choose neutral wall colors and pieces of furniture and by adding colorful accent pieces that are changeable you can liven up any neutral space and change accent colors as often as you like, easily. I hope you love the examples I have used here as much as I do! What is your favorite accent color?


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