Best of Layered Rugs

February 15, 2017

I can't get enough of a good layered rug situation so I decided to gather a few of my favorites from Pinterest and share them with you. I love the depth and personality that it can give to a space and it's not just limited to one room in your home!

This duo of jute/sisal and a vintage rug is great for high traffic areas like an entry, hallway or mudroom.

You can create different moments when layering rugs.

Layering with neutral organic textures like above creates depth and boldness but can still have an overall clean look.

Moroccan or vintage rug..can't decide? Layer with both and choose a sofa or chair that pulls out one of the beautiful hues in your rug! (PS: Glass coffee tables are great when you're looking to really showcase such beautiful textiles and creates an open feel)

Pelts are always great for layering!

Another beautiful moment created by a natural and vintage rug duo.

If you found a rug that you love and want to use in your space but may be just too small for the space you'd like to put it in, layering rugs is the perfect solution like in this dining space above.

Same type of situation in this space like above. Loving how much depth a vintage rug can have in a space and pick up many different hues throughout a room.

Layer a vintage rug over a vintage rug? Why not. Choose two different scales of patterns like above and you can't go wrong. This especially works best when the rest of the space is more simple leaving the rugs to really feel like the focal point.

And I'll end with this bedroom because...the rugs..the light fixture..the ceiling..the windows..the natural get it right? Hope you enjoyed and learned a little, too. Until next time...


**Disclaimer: All photos sourced from Pinterest**

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