Apartment Revamp 1.0

February 16, 2017

Finally! It's about time I start to focus on our own space and invest in pieces we plan on keeping for the long run. We do live in a rental but it is rather large and I've been dying to get my hands on some new pieces to create a space I really love...my boyfriend on the other hand could really care less ;) but he always loves the end result. Main focus would be:

- new 4x6' rug that's great for traffic and hiding dirt 
- some new decor to freshen up our built in shelves 
- new knobs for console to create found look

- new art for wall 
- possibly some type of storage shelving for the empty wall next to our table

Living Room
- new 8x10' rug, something definitely soft and durable since now living with a flat weave I am not loving how rough it can be
- media console, has to be open (this is where my boyfriends opinion really comes into play)
- something to fill up empty wall and corner left of media 
- definitely new coffee table, ours has been too small for our space even though we love it
- new throw pillows mixed in with some of our current ones

- leaner mirror
- more art or larger piece of art to feel more proportionate over bed, I may even create this myself
- some new bedding
- ottoman/chair for empty corner next to bed

Stay tuned on pieces I am peeking at for each space on my upcoming posts!


**Disclaimer - Inspiration photos in this post sourced from Anthropologie and Pinterest**

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