DIY Valentine's Day Garland

January 20, 2015

With the help of Michael's and Pinterest I was able to create my very own and very easy Valentine's Day garland under $7! If you'd like to know how to DIY then this is what you will need:

- Hemp string
- Mini V-Day clothespins (I used a set of 8)
- Small wooden hearts painted with chalk (came in a set of 12)
(or plain ones and you can paint them yourself but you 
can get them already painted at Michael's)
- Chalk (white or any color you'd like)
- Tape or hooks to hang your garland

1) I already had hemp string so I decided to go ahead and tape the string under my display
shelf the length I wanted it -- we don't have a mantle otherwise you can hang it on there with hooks (or tape, too).

2)  I only had 8 clothespins in the set I purchased so I needed to spell out something with 8 letters -- very conveniently I Love You just fit. I then spread out the hearts and wrote 
a letter with the chalk on each one.

3) My hearts came with a little hole already in it on top but because I was using the clips 
there was no need to put the string through the hearts -- I just clipped each one
to the string with the clothespins (and I did every other one red and pink). You can 
adjust the hearts to where you want them on the string making sure it is centered. DONE!

Michael's always has coupons going on so that's how I was able to create mine for under $7 which was quite a score. There's many cute ways to decorate for Valentine's Day without going crazy -- this garland and my heart bowl planter from my last post are just a couple of them. Happy DIYing!