2018: New Year, Better Me

January 7, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! This year I want to stay dedicated to writing no more "I'm Back" posts. The last post I wrote was back in Sept 2017 and that is just way too long ago. I love writing posts, but I definitely got caught up with life and work and put blogging on the back burner - even though I teeeechnically had the time to write. I just didn't think to make it a priority among other things. This year, I've committed to things I want to stay on top of, and I want to keep blogging a priority on this list since it can be pretty beneficial for a design career. Since we are planning our wedding for 2019 and I am Maid of Honor in my sisters wedding this year, there is no question this year will be all about planning. But I definitely want to take the time I can this year to better myself before life gets even crazier and more busy (like eventually moving and starting a family within a few years). This is definitely a more personal post than I've ever written, but here are some of the things that are of high importance to me this year...

1) Get in better shape: My amazing fiance gifted me 4 personal training sessions and I cannot wait to start. I always try working out on my own but I need that extra help to make sure what I am doing is actually benefiting me and my overall goals for my body and wellness. 

2) Go to all the Dr's appointments: This one can sound silly, but I just got much better insurance than last year and I'm so excited to go to Dr's that I've ultimately held off going like the dermatologist and neurologist because I want to focus on getting clear skin that lasts and eliminating my migraines.

3) Straighten my teeth - again: I had braces in high school, and now 14+ years later since having them, my teeth have not exactly stayed straight. I finally connected with an orthodontist my dad knows (thankfully my dad is a dentist) and have an appointment set to get that ball rolling, and not think that "I should have" come my wedding day..

4) Take those classes: I keep researching different classes I can take to grow my technical design skills and overall career, and I never actually commit to it. It's a constant battle in my mind whether or not to take classes because ultimately I don't want to waste money. But I need to stop thinking that way and just do it. I've pretty much already decided that I do not need a degree right now, but I definitely want to sharpen my AutoCad Skills, and learn new ones to help me grow in my field. There is no better time than now and I don't want to look back and regret not moving forward with what I am passionate about. 

5) Finish my portfolio: This goes hand in hand with #4, and I actually am almost done with my portfolio. I tend to think too much, which is why it's taken me so long to actually put one together. But it could never hurt to just finish what I have, and see where it takes me. I've been waiting on getting the right photos taken of my own apartment so I can add that to my portfolio, too, but I don't technically need it with what I have right now so why hold it off any longer? I just don't want to limit myself anymore and not have a complete portfolio if the right opportunity arises. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

6) Save all the money: This one speaks for itself. I need to food prep more, bring my coffee to work in my thermos, and reinvent ways to wear clothes I already have. Doing this, I can put all the money saved towards my above goals.

With alllllll that said, I can say that actually helped me to organize my thoughts a bit better than 10 minutes ago ;) I am excited to start all these goals and see how they all work out for me. I could probably add like 10 more things, but then I wouldn't end up doing any of them wholeheartedly so by focusing on less goals, I can put my all into them and then on to the next. Cheers to growth in 2018!!


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