Apartment Revamp 3.0

March 11, 2017

Happy weekend everyone! I am still on the hunt for new pieces for our space without breaking the bank. I definitely am on a budget but willing to spend a little more if we really find something that works best for us (now I know how most of my own client's feel). Function for us is key - it has to be 60-80" max length, around 25" high and have some type of open storage or option for it for sensors (like sliding doors that expose shelving, etc). I've put together a handful of options in the running one of them (#6) not having an option for open storage however it does have doors and pull down drawers on the side. It's also important that it's mostly wood (I'm open to reclaimed or a smooth mid-century style wood). Since our coffee table is marble top with a bronze metal frame, this helps to balance the finishes in our space. Which piece is your favorite??

1 / how-down media console / one kings lane
2 / staggered wood media console / west elm
3 / russian reclaimed oak media console / rh
4 / angelo media console / lulu & georgia
5 / lewis media console / gingko furniture
6 / reclaimed wood + lacquer media console / west elm


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  1. I love that mid-century style furniture. I’m trying to get my wife on board about this, but she is wanting something else. I just love the way it looks. Good luck finding a piece that works for you. Furniture can be so expensive, how can anyone afford it nowadays? I buy my furniture second hand so I don't break the bank.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals