Design Update: Coffee Tables for my Living Space

March 24, 2016

Hi! It's been some time...I swear I thought I'd be getting better at posting more often but I am back! My last post was a while back in January and much has happened since then. I've set up my desk area in my bedroom, I've been tackling self-teaching myself AutoCad, and I'm stepping more into design at my job with my cute-as-heck Goddaughter is now 10 months old! I have to say, I don't know how some people do it -- working full time, taking classes, have kids, etc. When I have those thoughts, it motivates me even more to go after what I not wait. So that is what I am doing. Now, the next step for me in my apartment (yes it's been baby steps for a while but I'm not the only one, right?) is selecting a new coffee table. I've been on the search for a while and it's not that we don't love our coffee table now, but we need a larger one that's in proportion with our sectional that we can eat on -- we rarely use our actual kitchen table. are some options I've been looking at and I've thrown in a photo to get a better idea of my current space. Which one is your favorite? 

1 / peekaboo acrylic coffee table / cb2 / $279
 I am loving this see through option because it will keep my space 
feeling larger. Lucite can also work with many different design styles which
is great if I want to switch things up although this particular piece
is only 13.5" high and a little low to eat on.

2 / slab marble coffee table / cb2 / $299
I just know this piece will go with everything in my home. The metal base is 
a touch industrial and the marble top keeps it looking chic and classic.

3 / kyra coffee table / crate and barrel / $599
A glass option could work in my space, I especially love the bottom
shelf on this piece. Because we eat on our table so often though
I may need something more durable than glass.

4 / aquitaine coffee table / joss + main / $234
This is a more industrial looking option than I usually would choose but I 
know my boyfriend would love it. The mix of metal and wood would
also go with our space but I am slightly afraid of it making it
too industrial looking because we already have other wood elements.

5 / marble box frame coffee table / west elm / $599
I've always been drawn to this table and I love the contrast of the marble
and bronze base. The base keeps it extra open and I can see myself using 
baskets underneath for storage if I need to. I'm just still a bit skeptical
of marble due to it's porous nature especially when eating and drinking on it.

Lastly, here is our current living room. Our sofa isn't super permanent but it 
does the job and is comfortable. Our current coffee table is the Origami Coffee Table 
from West Elm. I'm debating on switching out our rug also because I prefer a higher, 
softer pile but the boyfriend and I agreed on this flatweave so we went for it. I would love
a coffee table that would stay with us for a while and around $600 or less (including delivery).
Stay tuned to see which one we end up with and comment below if you have 
any recommendations!



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