A Not-So-Teen RH Teen Bedroom

April 6, 2016

I have to say I've had my eye on some (many) pieces from the RH Teen assortment for quite some time now. Working for Restoration Hardware, I get to help create dream spaces for clients and their homes. I don't include RH Teen as often as I could for a few reasons - we don't showcase it in our gallery, many of my clients are looking for our core brand or RH Modern pieces for their home, and clients just don't know about it. When I do introduce the line to clients, they are blown away because there are so many amazing pieces that are offered that aren't only for teens. The line is meant to be sophisticated and transitional for the younger generations - something they can love now and love later. Not to mention, many of these pieces are at a lower price point than RH main brand. I've put together a bedroom (because...why not?) that I would happily live in myself. Take a look, click on the links, and check out this amazing line! 

RH is known more for their effortless way to use symmetry to create balance. For me, I like to create eclectic spaces that are balanced, not symmetrical, with a play on different textures and materials. I'd say this bedroom does just that. What do you think? :) 



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