Fun Home Office Design

May 18, 2015

So I've been dreaming of having an office of my own instead of taking over our dining room table which is what can happen what you live in an 800 sq foot apartment. I know one day I will get there but designing a clients office of her own had me dreaming even more so I decided to share this work in progress with you. What I love about this space is the color scheme and simple touch of the beach. Other than that, this office is timeless yet super chic. Did I mention I only had a 10x10ft space to work with? Not my dream size but you'll see why I'm loving it so much...

My idea is to have the Sherwin Willams Aquatint paint color on the wall where the bookcases will be as an accent wall. the two walls where the two desks are will have the neutral chevron wallpaper. The wall art and decorative accessories in the minty accent color will tie the whole color scheme together throughout the space. I can't wait to see how it all comes together in person! Stay tuned :) Follow me on instagram for more interior and art inspiration and ideas @laurenmaiorana!


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