DIY Abstract Art

April 16, 2015

Hello everyone :) One more day to get through until the weekend! Except for me, I work this weekend but today was one of my days off. I had some free time so I decided to get back into painting and create a tutorial for you all.  Abstract art is huge right now and although it takes some skill really anyone can create an amazing piece of art! If you follow me on instagram @laurenmaiorana you already saw my sneak peek of the finished product. Here is the how to:

blank canvas
scraping tool
thin 1/2 inch paint brush
cup for water to clean brush
white paint
any 3-4 paint colors of choice
paper plate or easel

First, start by painting the blank canvas white. This is going to be the background color. Even though a canvas is already white, it's amazing how much of a difference a fresh coat of white paint will make. 

Next, decide what few colors you want to use. I chose a magenta, gold and apricot. 

Then, squirt the paint somewhat randomly  - don't use too much in one spot, you will be scraping it around the canvas. Remember, you can always add more.

Then scrape the paint around in different directions. Now this is the part that takes some skill. It's not difficult but just try your best.

Scrape and add some more paint if needed until it will kind of look like this...

You can add more paint or another color if you would like and call it day or like you will see here you can add another element by creating dotted lines in the white areas. Now, put some black paint on a paper plate or an easel if you have one. Wet the small paintbrush to get the bristles loose, dip in the black paint and start to create some dotted lines. I totally made mine up. This is where you can really get creative...

And there you have it! Follow me on pinterest (lauren_maiorana) and on instagram @laurenmaiorana for some more design and art inspiration! 


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