Stylish Lamps Under $75

March 6, 2014

Who doesn't love a lamp that's both stylish AND budget friendly?? I know it's hard to find an answer to that one which is why I put together 10 stylish & well priced lamps that suit a wide array of design styles. Whatever style you are looking for, I am sure you can find it in this list! I chose lamps under $75 because that's about half of a normal priced lamp. It's a perfect price point if you are looking to purchase one lamp for a desk or side table or two for a more symmetrical look. Get ready to be amazed that these are all under $75 - Enjoy! 

1. $69

This lamp has a beach-chic feel with an
 industrial touch.

4040 Locust Rope Table lamp

2. $64

A simple, stylish look perfect for any end table, 
console or nightstand.

Catalina Lighting Fluted Glass Table Lamp

3. $75

Mercury glass lamps are perfect if you are looking
 for something elegant and unique.

Teardrop Luxe Lamp

4. $59

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind look with 
style then this lamp is a winner.

Mitzi Table Lamp

5. $49

This rustic accent lamp acts as a source of light and artful 
decor with it's bronze base, seeded glass shade and industrial Edison bulb.

Libby Seeded Glass Edison Bulb Accent Lamp 

6. $28

Love the linear look of this lamp and its ceramic, textured 
base provides an eclectic touch.

Threshold Ambient Table Lamp

7. $60

This colorful lamp in a shade of Pantones Hemlock 
will brighten up any space.

Double Gourd Ceramic Table Lamp

8. $69

This grey ceramic lamp with an acrylic glass base has
the same look as a designer style lamp but at
a much affordable cost.

Arturo Table Lamp

9. $40

With its leather base and fabric shade, this lamp
will add style and sophistication to any space at a 
budget friendly price.

Elegant Designs Modern Leather Table Lamp

10. $30

You can create a cozy and stylish look with this lamp
 and its aluminum base and textile shade.

Klabb Table Lamp

Now if you ever think that affording a stylish lamp or two is out of the question, think again. If I had to pick a favorite from this list it would have to be more than one because they are all so stylish, unique and reasonable. You can find each of the lamps by clicking on the link below them. Which lamp is your favorite?? 



  1. Those are allllll awesome !!! And a great price. I like the Edison bulb. So cool :) well done Lauren ... Once again !