Area Rugs: What Size is the Right Size?

March 7, 2014

I had asked on social media what topics others would like me to post about. My lovely sister mentioned the topic of area rugs and would find it helpful to know what size rug to buy for any space. Choosing an area rug that you like may be just as difficult as figuring out what size to purchase. But thanks to posts like this one, you no longer have to wonder how big your area rug should be in any room. You can thank my sister for this one ;) 

I did some pinteresting and came across some very helpful rug design guides created by Lisa Ferguson from Decor Mentor & added some extra tips as well. Hope this helps! 

Additional Living Room Tips:

1) Placing furniture halfway on and halfway off the rug as shown with size 4'x6' is a look that is used most of the time. This approach will make the room feel cozy and connect all the furniture for a cohesive look. 

2) If you're on a tight budget you may be able to splurge and get the rug you want but go down a few feet in size so all the furniture goes over the rug but not completely (think 4'x6 or 6'x9').

3) You could also so some furniture on and some off shown with the 6'x9' example above. This look will work better if you have a larger room.

4) Create a smooth transition from rug to flooring by purchasing a rug that is a similar tone to the existing flooring.

5) If you want all furniture on an area rug I would decide on the furniture placement and measure beforehand so it will make it easier to determine what size you need.

6) If you're more concerned with making sure an area covers the whole room, a good rule of thumb that has been around for ages is that there should be 18 inches of bare floor in between the perimeter of the room and the rug. This will introduce a sense of proportion and it all starts with the rug! If using this rule in a smaller room then think 8 inches in between instead of 18.

Additional Bedroom Tips:

1) In order for a rug to look balanced under a bed there should be a comfortable amount of rug space around the bed. A good range to have in mind is 12-18 inches. 12 inches for a twin bed and 18 inches for a queen or king. If your room is significantly large I would consider adding a few inches but never take away. 

2) If you don't want or need a rug directly under your bed but still have an empty space in front of your footboard you want to address, I would suggest placing a small rug (maybe a 4'x6') in front of the bed to add some interest. If you're to do this make the width of the rug wider than that of the bed to give the room balance.

If you're not able to read the tip in the picture above, when it comes to dining rooms always add 24 inches around the table to decide what size rug you need. You should be able to pull out all the chairs and the chair legs should remain on the rug.

Additional Area Rug Tips:

1) As for a hallways, the rug should cover the majority of the walking area. Make sure there's enough room so that when two people are walking next to each other they both can  walk 
safely and comfortably on the rug. I would suggest 5-8 inches of bare floor between the rug and wall in a hallway.

2) Don't be afraid to break up the rugs in your hallway by using 2 or more instead of one long one. You can also combine rugs in your living room or bedroom. I would suggest using two different ones that are the same or at least the same tone. Sticking to the same tone but two different patterns would work as well.

If you have any questions or ones concerning your specific space please comment and I will be sure to respond! :)


(Sources: Decor Mentor, Houzz)

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