Winter in California

February 21, 2015

Sorry fellow New snow here in sunny SoCal! My parents are visiting me (and California) for the first time this week! Since I live in the southern California area close to the beaches, I've taken them to all the hot spots along the SoCal coast -- Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach. It's been quite a fun trip so far -- they are definitely not missing the feet (yes, plural in some areas) of snow that's waiting for them back in New York. Sigh. I just love taking pictures of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and wanted to share some of my photos from the past week with all you guys (I post more frequently on my instagram so for more photos and inspiration, follow me @laurenmaiorana). I'm also working on some super fun home projects for work and can't wait to share them with you! Stay tuned. 


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