DIY Framed Abstract Art

August 15, 2014

It's been quite a while since I've last posted! We have been super busy with moving into our new apartment and we're still getting situated. We literally had nothing and had to start from scratch but that made it more exciting since this is our first real place of our own. After deciding on the foundational furniture, picking out the colors we wanted to use to go with our frost gray sofa was a little challenging because it's such a soft, cool neutral and I really wanted to warm it up. So I chose navy and a horseradish/gold color to accent with. We also purchased this amazing reclaimed wood display shelf from west elm so I needed a larger piece of framed art to place there for height and balance. Then it came to me - after reading Danielle Oakeys blog post on her DIY poster board art I thought what better way to complete my display ledge! Poster boards are thinner than canvas and can be easily framed. Here's a link to Danielle's blog post which is amazing as is the rest of her blog which I check at least a few times a week. Now i'd like to share with you the abstract art piece I came up with thanks to Danielle's inspiring post...

I decided on doing a tribal look by just cutting up a sandpaper sponge into triangles and using that as my stamp.  I also cut the poster board to 16"x20" to fit into the matted part of the ikea frame I purchased. I chose the colors prussian blue, gold and a light teal blue for a pop of different color all by craftsmart (inexpensive and perfect for diy art). I just played with the placement for a bit and then came up with a symmetrical tribal design...

After I was certain it was dry, I then framed it (which btw the frame was only $14.99!). I now have a large framed art print for less than $20 and it's great for us artists who have all colors of paint sitting around so all I truly had to buy for this was the $1 poster board and $14.99 frame. I hope this inspires you to get creative at home - it's definitely worth it!


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