A Lit-Teal Obsessed

July 2, 2014

Don't ask me why but lately I've been attracted to items that are turquoise & teal from decorative accessories to beauty products. I'm not complaining though - it's an attractive color on almost anything & makes me think of the ocean and beach. Maybe living in SoCal by the beach has inspired me so much that I have subconsciously brought it into my life. Either way, here are just some of the items I am talking about & just in time for summer!

I'm obsessed with these Crackle Pool Boxes from West Elm
I have two of the deep turquoise boxes seen here, the smaller one
holding cotton balls and the larger one holding jewelry. They're 
placed in my bathroom & I just love the way they look. They're on
sale so get 'em while you can.

These Waterscape Hurricanes and Votives from West Elm are amazing.
They come in all different sizes and colors - each one its own, simple 
& unique. They're all beautiful but I'm lovin' the light & dark teal ones.

These transparent teal nautical votives from West Elm aren't
 available anymore unless you check in store - I know my store sold out 
pretty fast. I love the anchor & they come in other nautical designs. I 
use mine for succulents but cotton balls, matches, candles, pens
& anything you can think of can work with these pretty votives. 

I purchased this makeup bag from my local Forever 21 
store a few months back. Most likely not available anymore
but it's a simple way to add some color into your daily makeup

These Teal Room Essentials Towels from Target are 
super soft & inexpensive. I love the sunbleached turquoise color
on them as well & splash of color it gives my bathroom just hanging
on the over-the-door hook.

Can't really say no to a candle that's inexpensive, smells good & a 
beautiful color. Sonoma Life and Style Seaside Breeze from 
Kohls is just that.

I really needed a new eye makeup remover so while
in Sephora I picked up their own Waterproof Eve Makeup Remover.
It actually works great & fits in with my unexpected turquoise theme.

I purchased a light teal nailpolish a while back & it was 
one of my favorites. I just ran out and have to get another - this one 
is Rock the Boat by Essie. I definitely recommend it! 

There it is..a few of my favorite turquoise items in all different shades. Is there a certain item in this color that you are loving yourself?? I'd love to know!



  1. Wow Lauren! So impressed. A lil-teal obsessed so cute! Great ideas all around :) love you and miss you! Xo

    1. Thanks, Missy! I came up with it myself and thought, wow that was clever lol. Then googled it to see if it's been used before and OPI used it as a name for nailpolish. Oh well! Love & miss you, too.