Robins Egg Blue: Do You?

May 18, 2013

Robins egg blue is a timeless color that can work into many color schemes or be great on its own. I am currently in the process of redoing a bedroom in my home and have chose this color for my walls. Robins egg blue looks great with most colors especially red, yellow and coral which are my personal favorites. Here I would like to show you some of my favorite robins egg blue theme rooms and accessories. 

In the above dining area, robins egg blue is paired wonderfully with warm neutral colors such as beige and cream. Robin egg blue acts as the pop of color without being too dramatic and still feels light and inviting.

Above, robins egg blue acts as a neutral with yellow as the pop of color in this vintage chic living space. 

In this bedroom, robin egg blue can work with all shades of blue - from baby blue to navy blue. Paired with other trending yet timeless prints such as ikat, this bedroom can work in any style home. 

Above, robins egg blue is used more as an accent color in the side chair and end table. Here you can see that this color works well with other accent colors such as orange, green and yellow. 

Robins egg blue looks just as good when using it in your home decor and accessories. Paired with another trending print such as chevron and with traditional pieces such as the blue and white temple jar, it really works well no matter what style you are going for.

Being a fan of large floral prints and linen, I am a bigger fan of this pillow. I love the natural linen in this pillow and the embroidered robins egg blue print makes it come alive. 

 There is something very eclectic about this color and it especially looks good with vintage looking pieces. I can picture these frames on a neutral wall such as taupe or even a bright yellow wall and they would look great with either color scheme. 

As you can see, there is much you can do with this color and I would take advantage of it like I am because it is one of the top colors in design right now. I hope this inspires you to add a little robins egg blue into your life!


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  1. Love, love, love this color!! My favorite! Really like your ideas, as always. Keep it up; you're a design star!!