Some of my Paintings

November 29, 2012

I love painting sunsets but also abstract paintings that are bright and bold. I love letting my mind wonder and seeing what I can create on my own. It doesn't hurt to find things that inspire you. Inspiration is key :)

A wallpaper I had found online had inspired me to paint this. I love painting sunsets. I used a gloss black over the colors to make it stand out. I personally like the contrast. 

I really wanted to paint two canvases that are really one painting. I chose a deep purple, rust orange, and mustard yellow for the colors I wanted to pop. I also used a gloss black paint for the branches and birds to stand out. Lovebirds are so cute!

A paisley wallpaper inspired me to paint this. I took the idea of the wallpaper and made it my own. The color of the walls behind the painting is the color of my bedroom. I chose to paint gold zigzags in the background and thought it looked really good with the colors in my room. Don't be scared to use gray/silver with gold!! I think it gives it a retro/vintage look - I love it.

I had painted this for a friend because she happened to love peacock feathers and I wanted to do something abstract with it. I chose a deep yellow background that makes the centers of the feathers really pop. Love this color combo.

These are a few of my paintings! Hope you like them as much as I do. Now I have pieces of my own artwork to hang up and even give as a gift- much more personalized. And you can create something to match any style that you are going for.