Homemade Wallpaper Remover

September 7, 2011

Hi! I unfortunately haven't been able to post because my internet has been down. I want to share a really great homemade remedy for removing wallpaper. My brother has been wanting to re-do his room for quite some time. There has been striped wallpaper up for over ten years on 2 walls and since it was raining and he had just cleaned his room this was the perfect time to strip this wallpaper down and get the ball rolling. So I talked him into taking down the wallpaper with my help.

 I couldn't find the store bought wallpaper remover my dad had purchased so I looked online for suggestions. A lot of people had recommended fabric softener with warm water in a spray bottle. I came up with the idea of mixing warm water with not only fabric softener but also vinegar and baking soda (I used apple cider vinegar because that is all we had). I chose baking soda as well because it would help disintegrate the glue behind the wallpaper. So about:

1/2 c. fabric softener
2 tbsp vinegar
a couple tsp baking soda
warm water (to fill up the spray bottle)

This mixture worked great! Of course I would wait quite some time for the mixture to settle in. You may have to spray a few coats. Now the wall is being prepared for primer as I write this! When the room is finished I will post before and after pictures. Enjoy your day :)


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